War Dogs Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that places rescue dogs with Veterans as Therapy Dogs. War Dogs Inc. works with many local rescues in the Valley as well as operates as a rescue for stay and abandoned dogs. We take these dogs through their own rehabilitation and have them fully trained and certified as Therapy dogs giving our Veterans the best companions possible.

What we offer

K9 Service Dog Rehoming

Rehoming dogs that have served as Police Dogs and Military Use Dogs

Therapy Dog Placement

Pairing Veterans and dogs to become viable life long companions

Second Oath

Veterans pledge to give back to local communities and to assist other Veterans in need.


Local Veteran Motorcycle Club


Recent Photos from event


American Infidels

American Infidels VMC delivering a T Dog (Therapy Dog)


Therapy Dog at Airport

Certified Therapy Dogs can be taken anywhere - airports, restaurants, stores, etc.



Service Dog and his Owner (Disabled Veteran)

Disabled Veteran and his Full Service dog.

contact us

War Dogs Inc.

P.O. Box 12262

Glendale, AZ 85318 USA

Telephone: (623) 282-1054

E-mail: Click to Email Us